About us

The SaaSRankr founders got into SEO at the young age of sixteen and now two years of skill-building later they have launched SaaSRankr, a no-frills SEO agency to help SaaS businesses capture more customers through search.

The wizards behind the magic 🧙🏼

Hamse Nur

Hi, my name is Hamse and I'm the co-founder of SaaSrankr,  I've been in SEO for about two years and first started when I was 16. I've have always had an interest for marketing.


Hey, I'm Ibrahim, co-founder of SaaSrankr. I've been in the digital marketing space for two years now and I pride myself on being an expert at backlink building and technical SEO.

A journey through time

How SaaSRankr came about

Our first encounter

Ibrahim and I met in college back in September of 2021. In our first conversation we got to know each other enough in the first few minutes of meeting in school, however as we finished the first day of school and were heading home, the conversation quickly pivoted to entrepreneurship. Instantly we became good friends.

Delving into the SEO world

During that first academic year, we were both trying to figure out how we could make money online and we initially started with affiliate SEO but failed at that and decided to offer SEO services, both of us chose the SaaS niche.

Finding success, but not enough of it

After making the switch from affiliate SEO to client SEO, we both ended up signing our first SEO clients, a few months after that, both of us had signed our first client AND increased our clients organic traffic by a large percentage. However we both realised that we wanted more...a lot more.

Launching SaaSRankr

After talking with a few close friends and discussing amongst ourselves, we decided that, since we both did SEO for SaaS companies, it would make WAY more sense for us to team up and build an aagency together and combine our skillsets. And so SaaSrankr was born.

Fancy chatting over a coffee? ☕

We are based in London so if you are ever around and want to chat with us then send us an email and let's go and grab coffee and get to know each other.